Easy Bonus Room Renovation: Steps and Materials Used

In the midst of several other projects I have pending I have started yet another project – this bonus room renovation. 

 We have what is called a “bonus room” in our home above the garage. This is a basic multi-use room that was added during construction but does not have closets and therefore is not considered an actual bedroom. My oldest daughter has been calling this her home for the past five years and it is far past time to get her some proper closets.

I started by removing the carpet and framing in an area under the window for a “daybed” and a closet on each side. The daybed will hold a regular twin mattress and be used for guests and sleep-overs.

The slope of the ceiling will make it hard for the closet doors but there is just enough room for me to walk standing straight up at the tallest point. The closets will later get a custom door and shelf on the inside.  

Time to stand back and admire your work……..  Is that a little bit crooked……

With projects like these I always like to call in the cleaning lady to pick up after my mess

The day bed is framed in so that the mattress will sit just below the front wall and below the windowsill so no one rolls out to the driveway below:) This entire area will be covered with 3/4″ pine plywood I have left over from the plywood flooring project. This will provide a bit more durability for the kids jumping around and climbing in and out.

At this point I also did the rough electrical. I wired everything into a junction box that will be accessible from the back panel of the day bed. That is where an old receptacle used to be that will now be covered by the bed framing. I will be added one receptacle on the front wall of the bed and two lights, one in each closet.

I installed basement light sockets here in the upper corner of the closet. These are cheap and I have a special flush mount light in mind for this down the road.

Next it was drywall time….yuck! I absolutely despise drywall work, I hate the dust, the cutting, the fitting, the screwing, and the mudding. But all in all the rough work turned out pretty well here.

All of the plywood was installed on and around the daybed and everything is starting to look pretty solid here. In the back is the junction box where all of the electrical is tied into from the old receptacle.

After a few days of off and on work I was able to get the drywall all in place and cut to fit. Things are starting to look “real” at this point and we are excited to get this in finished condition! Now on to mudding and sanding, Lord help me….

On to phase two of this project which will include finishing the drywall, painting, finish electrical and lighting, motion switches, and then finally on to plywood flooring. Thanks for checking it out!

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